The BEST Laundry Closet Design Ever

I feel pretty safe in saying that no one in the entire world actually enjoys doing laundry.  It’s the chore that never ends and while I can’t make you like doing laundry, maybe I can help make it a little easier and more organized with the best laundry closet design ever.

My typical laundry cycle used to be to take my clothes from the dryer, pile them on the bed, knock them off the bed when it was time to sleep, lose half of them under the bed, pile more clean clothes onto the floor pile, lose more under the bed, fold clothes on top of pile, put clothes on bottom back into dirty clothes hamper because can’t tell if they are really clean anymore and they have been walked on a lot, and then wash & dry more clothes and continue the cycle.  After living with that cycle for a year or so and nearly losing my husband over it, I decided that SURELY I could come up with a better system to manage the laundry.  I didn’t want to kid myself that I could all the sudden fold every piece right out of the dryer and never get behind again so I tried to find a more practical solution.

I would imagine that the problems we had with our original laundry closet design are pretty universal to all the poor laundry closet owners in the world but, to recap and put words to the issues, here’s what we had going on that just WAS NOT WORKING.

Laundry Closet Design Problems:

  1. No where to store detergent, stain remover, dryer sheets, etc. The only shelf in the closet was too high and far back over the washer and dryer for me to reach.
  2. No where to set clean clothes
  3. No where to fold clean clothes
  4. No where to hang dry clothes
  5. No where to iron clothes
This is not actually my laundry closet because I forgot to take that picture, but this is the same layout and size as mine.
The Best Laundry Closet Design Ever
This is my original laundry closet but it’s a horrible picture, hence the one included above.

The Best Laundry Closet Design Ever

After looking at many a laundry closet design, I decided that actually nothing on Pinterest or that I had seen thus far would fit the bill for us.  Per usual, budget was a concern.  I would love custom made shelving and granite countertops in my laundry room as much as any woman, but at the end of the day, this wasn’t our forever home and it’s just a laundry closet!  So, I got to drawing and came up with the plan below:

The Best Laundry Closet Design Ever

This may not look like much, but let me outline what’s going on here:

  • There’s a full depth countertop for folding clothes;
  • There’s a shelving system down the middle for storing detergent and whatever else;
  • There’s 2 separate hanging bars with over 6 feet of hanging bar space. The bar is hung above the door which is much higher than your typical bar installed by the builder, so its ACTUALLY usable for hanging clothes! Big improvement there. Also, by running the bar across the short dimension and on the sides of the closet, the light isn’t blocked.  This will help the space feel more open and just less dressing in general!
  • There’s also room on top of the washer and dryer for an ironing board to slip into for easy storage and access. Conversely, you could go with this style of ironing board just as easily.

This is a real life, not Pinterestified photo of the laundry closet in action.  Clothes move from the dryer directly to the counter top where they can be immediately hung or folded into piles but of course, if busy schedules got in the way, I could just shut the doors and hide all the laundry ugliness until later.

Here is the ironing board that stores on top of the washer and dryer but under the countertop.  I actually used lazy susan hardware to make it pivot in and out for a quicker setup.  I did have to attach a  leg on a wheel under the front end for additional support though.

Y’all, we lived with this laundry closet design for over a year before we moved and it was so incredibly functional that I can promise you will actually start to LIKE your laundry closet. I didn’t name this post “The BEST Laundry Closet Design Ever,” because this is  a beautiful laundry closet, no I named it that because it’s the most functional, headache relieving, busy-mom-of-toddlers assisting, happiness-inducing laundry closet design you will ever encounter.  Maybe I’m exaggerating on the happiness-inducing part since it is, in fact, still just a laundry closet, but I promise you will love it!  Furthermore, did I mention this whole setup is super cheap to accomplish?  Cheap is always an added bonus.

Here’s the supplies you need to make this laundry closet design a reality:

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