The “Before”

You can’t start a blog that’s largely about renovation and DIY without sharing the before photos. So here they are!  I’ll definitely post more as we work on each room and hopefully reach something close to completion but here is the house as it began, before we even purchased it.

As of today (Tuesday), we have just barely passed ground zero of the renovation.  We have 98% of the renovation ahead of us but goodness, what a difference the 2% has made. That was an unfair teaser right there because I’m not sharing any pictures of our progress yet!  I will soon though!

As promised though, here is what ground zero, day 1, before we even owned the house, looked like!

Though there were some questionable choices made by the prior owners like the vinyl floor tile on the walls of the entryway and kitchen, it is clear they cared for the home and took care of the home to the best of their ability.  It’s just an old home that needs a lot of updating and we are thrilled to be the ones to do it!

Can you see the potential or do you think we are crazy for buying this home?

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