Soup Bar Dinner Party

Soup Bar

It has finally gotten cold in Texas; we even had snow this year!! With that, it is finally time for soups, chilis, and the holidays.   With Christmas gatherings just a few days away and New Years right after that, I wanted to share this super simple soup bar dinner idea for a big group.

A few years ago I attempted  this soup bar party and it was a hit.  Not only was the soup festive and tasty, I was able to make all the soup ahead of time and we were able to freeze a ton of extra soup that lasted us throughout the winter.  Though I actually made all the soup myself since my brothers were both still bachelors, it work great as a pot luck or “bring your own soup” party.

Soup Bar Menu

I decided to go with tomato, broccoli cheddar, and baked potato soup.  I also added a plate of grilled cheese with bacon sandwiches to the dinner spread.  The men in my family have quite the appetite so serving meat was essential. The sandwiches were also great for dipping in the tomato soup.  I think the overall menu for a well-rounded soup bar dinner includes:

  • a variety of soups
  • bread or sandwich for dipping
  • some kind of meat, either bacon or as a part of a chili
  • toppings like sour cream, bacon bits, green onions, cheese


Serving A Soup Bar Dinner

Since my idea was that everyone would hopefully enjoy multiple soups, I needed lots of bowls.  I scavenged my kitchen and came up with my regular bowls, ramekins, and mason jars.  The ramekins were actually the perfect size.  I also brought out my largest plates that we basically used as a trey for the bowls and also for the grilled cheeses.

To make clean up really easy, I put down some brown paper underneath the serving area to catch drips.  Then I used my Cameo Silhouette to make a quick stencil to write out the menu.  I am so thankful for my Silhouette that saves the world from seeing and knowing about my atrocious handwriting!

Overall, this was a super easy, super relaxed dinner party that I’m looking forward to redoing before too long.  Just remember to have LOTS of bacon if your men eat like mine do!

Soup Recipes

I almost did not include this subheading because the truth is that of the three soups I made at this party, only one is something I’ve made again.  Im still looking for great recipes for tomato and broccoli cheddar soup.  If you have one, please leave it in the comments section!  However, I DO have an awesome baked potato soup recipe.  It is in the Southern Living Comfort Food cook book and it is really great and totally bad for you.  Everything in this cookbook tastes fantastic and is generally not good for you.  “Comfort Food” actually just means “food with lard in it” as best I can tell.  Regardless, it’s absolutely worth having in your kitchen!


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