Refrigerator & Appliances at 56% Off

FridgeBlack Friday is my favorite time to shop, especially now that more and more stores have online sales.  This year we needed several appliances for our kitchen and we were able to snag some really good deals.

In-case you are in the market for appliances too, this is just a quick post to share how to maximize this year’s Black Friday sale at Lowe’s.  Note:  the sale ends on December 1st or 2nd depending on the appliance and November 30th as noted below.

Though we weren’t purchasing a refrigerator, the deals on them are the best and so I will use one for the example.

This fridge is allegedly 46% off.  The full price is supposedly $3,299 and the sales price is $1,798.  Now that’s a great deal but it can get MUCH better.  Here’s how:

Use this 10% off coupon to $1,618.

Purchase discounted gift cards from Raise for approximately 6.5% off to reduce the cost to $1,513.

Then submit your receipt to the Find&Save App for an additional 3% refund of your receipt total to reduce your overall expenditure to just $1,464. (Note: you must purchase in store to submit receipts through Find&Save. Online purchases will not qualify.)

And that is how to get 56% off a major name brand appliance!

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