All About That Brass; A Polished Brass Bathroom

Bathroom UpdateThe master bathroom is one of the rooms I have been most excited about from the first time I saw this house.  It had so much potential and was in such a horrible state that I knew the transformation would be incredible…If I could pick the right fixtures and tiles. No pressure whatsoever, not like there are thousands of dollars at stake and a million choices! Brushed nickel, polished chrome, oil-rubbed bronze, polished brass, the list goes on and that was only the fixtures let alone the tile!

Pinterest to the Rescue

I am, unfortunately, neither a professional designer nor an especially gifted interior decorator and hiring a pro is not quire in the budget.  Enter Pinterest: The design-challenged’s best friend.  When we moved in, all I really knew was I wanted the bathroom to be both current and timeless and I did not want brown tile since that’s what we had at our old home.  With that really broad set of guidelines I took to Pinterest to look at bathrooms designed by actual designers or at least people with a lot more design style than me.  I found several different variations of grey herringbone tile with white subway tile and completely fell in love.  I was pretty sure my husband would like it too (which he did).

These my were my inspiration:

Polished Brass for the Win

At first it was just the tile that caught my attention and I completely ruled out the gold fixtures because polished brass has been outdated since the 90s.  But I found my self looking at it over and over again in the pictures and finally I realized, it is time brass made a come back! The hubs was not convinced at all on going with the polished brass fixtures.  I only got my way there because we were intending to re-use our original framed shower door which was polished brass. Unfortunately, it did not survive demolition and now we must buy a new one.

Tile Hunt

Finding similar tiles proved to be quite the challenge.  There are a million variations of white subway tile, making it hard to choose between them,  and they are actually fairly expensive due to their popularity.  We eventually chose a 4″ x 10″ subway tile that I originally found at a local tile shop but ultimately special ordered for less online from Home Depot.  The real challenge was finding the floor tile.  I wanted something long and narrow which, come to find out, is not a typical shape for standard tiles.  One good option is the wood plank tiles that are popular right now.  Unfortunately, since the floors in the bedroom are real wood, we did not think the wood tiles would look right.

Thankfully, the million hours of HGTV that I have watched paid off when I finally remembered an episode of Flip or Flop where they talked about cutting standard 12″ x 12″ tiles down to a custom shape.  With that concept in mind I quickly found a 12″ x 24″ grey tile that would fit the bill.  My contractor assured me he would not charge me extra to cut the tiles though I’m actually not sure I believe him.  But regardless, we agreed to a price and I am thrilled with the results.  The workmen were so courteous and I think their craftsmanship is beautifully displayed in the bathroom.  Here’s our progress so far:

We still have so much work left in the bathroom, from installing the toilet, shower door, and faucets, to painting out the cabinets, but I think the transformation is well on its way.  If only cultured marble shell sinks would come back in style we would be so much closer to our final product!!

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  1. Love your blog on this – a great way to understand the process you are going through and next best to seeing the beautiful results in person! Needless to say I am looking forward to my first visit – but first priority will be to hug Caleb!

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