Merry Mantel Mini Reveal

merry mantle 5Too many Ms?  I can’t help it. Caleb has a thing for making M noises lately so we’ve been doing a lot of M practice.  Mmmmanny the Mmmmmonkey, Mmmmerry Christmas, Mmmmmilk, and obviously MMMmmommmmmy.

Though we’ve been in our house for almost a month now, we actually haven’t accomplished that much.  Thanksgiving, long work hours, and overwhelming feelings of “overwhelmedness” have definitely contributed to the slow pace.  The main culprit though has just been the struggle to find floors that work with both our design concept and our budget.  Thankfully though, we have had the living room painted already. While we endlessly debated our flooring options, I finally decided it was worth it to figure out some mantel decorations for Christmas.  Our old house did not have a fireplace so I have been stupidly excited about decorating our mantel.

First, let me say that I took just ONE trip up to the attic to bring down decorations and that NOTHING on our mantle was initially purchased with that function in mind.   Despite that, I think it came out pretty well aside from the mismatched stockings.


Mantel Decorations for Christmas

So, without further ado, here is our Merry Mantle and a mini reveal of what we’ve done so far.
merry mantle1



merry mantle3merry mantle4

















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