Let’s Make it Official: I Have A Blog

Let's Make it Official: I Have a BlogThe last twelve months (give or take) have had a lot of firsts for me:
1. After a violent stomach bug I hit my lowest weight since 2005…notable only because of the awesome graph line my fitbit aria scale generated as I subsequently hit my highest weight ever 10 months later.
2. Three weeks later I found out I was pregnant and happily kissed my skinny self goodbye.
3. Twenty weeks after that we found out we were having a boy and I immediately entered into extreme nesting mode… The hubs, not so much.
4. About five months after that I officially left the work force and waited oh so impatiently for the arrival of our son.
5. On May 28, I happily greeted his arrival one day early!
6. About a week later I started my Rodan+Fields business. Obligatory sales pitch: R+F has seriously transformed my skin over the last 5ish months… And I’ve made money along the way as a consultant.  Shoot me an email to learn more or shop directly at my site at shaddox.myrandf.com…okay done!
6. Three months later we accidentally found our dream home on a random Saturday car cruise.
7. Fast and furious projects of questionable quality ensued in preparation for listing our house on the market.
8. By the grace of God, our first house sold and we now find ourselves in the possession of a home needing something a bit more drastic than TLC.

I started this blog sometime after my feet disappeared and my belly button lost the fight.  Much to my dismay, I realized I couldn’t safely use my saws anymore and my days of nesting physically were no more.  Naturally, I turned to my only options for release of my insatiable need to nest: purchasing obscene amounts of baby clothes (of course) and blogging.

Though I wrote a lot of typo riddled posts (because typos drive me absolutely crazy in other peoples writing but I hate to proof read my own) and updated my Instagram and Pinterest accounts, it never felt like the time to “make it official”… You know, by posting it on Facebook of course.

But now it is. I started this blog before we ever even considered moving and though I felt God was telling me to get started it’s not until now that it has seemed right to really share it. Two weeks ago we suddenly found  ourselves in possession of a mightily needy home that is both a dream to my creative DIY side and a horror to my sleep deprived mom of a crawling baby side!

So let’s make it official: I have a blog. I think it’s about the renovation of our 1979 home on a very small budget, the inevitable DIY projects that will ensue, and sundry  topics like budgeting, saving money, what it is like to be house poor, and my Faith along the way.

Whether you are my amazing cousin-sisters who will tell me how wonderful my blog is regardless of what they really think, my mom who will tell me she reads my blog regularly but probably won’t make it to the end of this post, a past or current friend, my family, or a complete stranger, I’m so glad you are here. I hope our journey ahead can give you the courage to buy your own fixer upper, or keep you from making the mistakes that we inevitably will make, or just give you some good lunchtime reading!


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  1. How much fun it will be to keep up with your new home renovation in this way as well more family activities too particularly those applicable to Caleb!!!! ?

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