Kitchen Renovation: Oh No, We Need a New Kitchen!

Wow!  I knew I was behind on posting about our renovation progress but I just realized we are easily 75% done with our kitchen renovation and I haven’t posted one thing about it!  Well, to start with, I should let you know that we DID NOT intend to remodel the kitchen when we purchased the house.  The old cabinetry was solid wood and though the condition was not great, we still thought we could slap some paint on, replace the counter tops, and move on with life. See, on first glance its not that bad…


Ok, the actual kitchen wasn’t that bad, but the walls were.  The backsplash and the walls in the eating area were covered with vinyl floor tiles.  To make it even worse, the wall tiles were covering up old wall paper backing!


It was only after living here for the first month or so that I realized the kitchen was far far beyond paint.  I realized several of the cabinet doors were not the originals and did not actually match and other doors were breaking and had big cracks.  On top of that, the interior of the cabinets was particle board that was starting to disintegrate. Even worse, they were just plain filthy inside and they gave me the heebie jeebies!

Feeling completely disappointed and unsure of what to do, we actually just did nothing for a few months as we waded through the rest of our ongoing projects, namely new floors and tile work in the master bathroom. I didn’t think we could afford a new kitchen since it was absolutely not in the original budget. Eventually  I realized a new kitchen was the ONLY option, though, and somehow, it was just going to have to fit into the budget one way or another.  Long story short, we nixed some projects we originally planned on doing and found ways to save on other projects, and suddenly, that new kitchen became an almost possibility.

We had a custom, but affordable, cabinet maker price a new kitchen for us and we also vetted out our options at Home Depot and Lowes.  Though I was initially reluctant, the multitude of gorgeous Ikea kitchens on Pinterest finally got me to think seriously about that as an option, and low and behold, that was the ONLY option that we could swing financially.

My original pitch to my husband went something like this, “So, I think I’m going to buy our kitchen form Ikea and we are going to install it ourselves, okay?” and was greeted with something just shy of fury.  While the hubs is super capable, he’s not exactly a DIY enthusiast.  I get it, he works long hours all week and has actual hobbies he thinks are fun to do on the weekend.  Eventually though, after we educated ourselves more on the install process and saw how much more we could get for our money he started to come around.  Granted, I had to promise to do the majority of the work and had to agree that he could still go fish at least twice a month.

So with the decision made to go with Ikea, I just had to design and order the new kitchen, demo the existing kitchen, and install the new one… piece of cake darlings, I’ve only never done any of this before!

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