Expecting Caleb: The Crib!

The CRIB! It’s kind of like the wedding dress don’t you think??  It’s the center piece around which you plan your entire nursery.

Wow, I spent WEEKS looking at cribs online, and of course, the ones I really really wanted were around $1,000.  I can’t help it, who doesn’t love Pottery Barn and, even worse, Restoration Hardware cribs???
I did NOT have $1,000 to bust on a crib though, not even close I might add.

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At first I was just depressed about the crib, I wanted what I wanted but just couldn’t justify spending that kind of money.

When we found out it was a boy though, the creative DIY juices started flowing a bit. I started to wonder if I could build my own crib.  With a boy, I actually wanted it to be a bit more rustic and I thought, just maybe, I could pull that off.  My husband and my mom thought I was crazy but the more I researched and designed, the more convinced I was I could do it.

I think I was about 4 months along when I started, but with some help from my hubs with the railing and staining (can’t be around fumes while Prego), I got it finished in about a month of after work evenings!

Here’s the final crib in the nursery, but check out my DIY crib tutorial (with plans!!) to see how it progressed from start to finish!




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