DIY Valentines Gift: Fudge Pops and Bible Verses

DIY Valentines Project | Bible Verse Holder

This month was my month to bring a present for each of the girls in my MOPS group.   Since Valentine’s day is just a few days after our meeting, I decided I wanted my gift to be Valentines-ish.  I considered candy or cookies but I knew not everyone would appreciate that, especially since so many people are still rocking their new year’s diets.  After drawing a blank for a few days, I went to my favorite place for inspiration: the garage.  I took a look around, checked out the scrap wood pile, and started piecing together a really fun DIY Valentines Day project.

This DIY Valentines Day Project is very multifunctional and can, hopefully, remain out on display for more than just Valentines.  Frankly, I couldn’t come up with a succinct name for this project, but it can be used to hold a Bible verse, a photograph, recipe, or just any kind of notecard.  In addition, it can simultaneously hold a pen or, more appropriate for valentines day, it can hold FUDGE POPS! (Scroll to the bottom of my post for the link to both recipes for the AMAZING fudge I used to make these fudge pops).

This is the perfect DIY Valentines Day Project to make for a few of your girlfriends,  your kid’s teachers, or even your MOPS group!  These would also work great at Christmas time and could be filled with candy canes instead of fudge pops.  Wow that would be easy! My total investment before fudge ingredients was $10.  Here’s a quick tutorial on these Bible verse holders:

DIY Valentines Day Project Supplies:

Step 1: Cut Block

I cut my block at 6 inches long but the size is really just personal preference.  These Verse of the Week blocks are only 3 inches by 3 inches for comparison.

Step 2: Drill Top Holes

The next step is to locate the center on the top surface of the block and drill a very small pilot hole.  I used a 1/10 size drill bit for the pilot hole.  Next, use a paddle bit to drill the larger diameter hole. I used a 3/4″ paddle bit and drilled about 3/4″ deep as well. Lastly, drill yet another hole in the center of the paddle bit hole with a 1/10 size drill bit.  This is the hole that your wire will sit within.  You will need a drill bit extender for this last hole.  I used 17 gauge wire and the 1/10 drill bit created a hole just big enough for the wire to sit within.  If you use thicker wire than you may also need to use a bigger drill bit.

DIY Valentines Project | Bible Verse Holder
Pilot Hole
DIY Valentines Project | Bible Verse Holder
Drilling larger hole with paddle bit.
DIY Valentines Project | Bible Verse Holder
Drill one more small hole into the bottom of the paddle bit hole for the wire to slip into.

Step 3: Sand Block

Sand the block to smooth all the faces and round off the sharp edges.  I used 60 grit sand paper and a random orbital sander.  For most projects I would go ahead and sand again with a 220 grit sand paper. I skipped the fine sanding for this project because I was making 13 of these guys and didn’t think it would make much difference to the final project.

Step 4: Paint

Because I was making 13 of these, speed was a huge concern which meant spray paint was the only way to go.  When spray painting wood, a coat of primer first is crucial.  Otherwise the wood will soak up tons of your valuable spray paint and still have grain showing through.  I used this white spray paint for this project.

Step 5: Cut and Apply Stencil

I used a Cameo Silhouette to create this custom stencil.  MOPS is a Christian group so I knew I wanted to this project to point towards Christ and not focus too much on a made up Hallmark holiday. Thankfully, there are tons of incredible verses about love in the Bible  to choose from.  Ultimately, “love each other deeply” from 1 Peter 4:8 fit the bill for this project.

 Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins.

1 Peter 4:8

I cut the stencil into an off-brand vinyl and frankly, I don’t recommend it.  I’m pretty sure you will get better stencil adhesion and therefore, cleaner results, if you use the Silhouette brand vinyl.

I’ve learned a few tips for stenciling.  The first is to always cut a rectangle around your stencil that is approximately the same size as what you are applying it to.  This will help you easily line everything up straight.  Second, always tape around the edges of your stencil to make sure you do not paint off the edge .  I tape whether I am painting with a foam brush or spray paint.

If you would like to use the “Love Each Other Deeply” stencil I created for this project, enter your email below and you will receive a link to both a PDF and Silhouette file.


DIY Valentines Project | Bible Verse Holder
Stencil applied and waiting for paint.

Step 6: Paint Stencil

After your stencil is applied, it is time to paint it, but first a few pointers! Because the wood blocks inherently have an imperfect surface with cracks and knots and other natural character, it may be difficult for the  vinyl stencil to fully adhere and as a result it may bleed under. An easy fix to this is to first spray a light coat of white spray paint to act as a seal around all the edges of the stencil.  Then follow up with the black spray paint (after the white has dried).

DIY Valentines Project | Bible Verse Holders
The white blocks have been sprayed with white paint and are waiting to dry before the black paint is sprayed.

Step 7: Wrap Wire

While you are waiting for everything to dry, wrap the card holder wire.  I used this 17 gauge galvanized wire.  Cut approximately 18 inches of wire for the wrap.  Then, create a 90 degree fold approximately 2.5 inches from one end and then begin wrapping the wire as tightly as possible around a fat marker.  You will want 6 or 7 wraps around the marker.  Use wire cutters or pliers to wrap the end into a tight circle so it does not poke or cut you.

Step 8: Glue Wire

After the blocks are dry, dip the wire wrap into glue (I used E-6000) and insert it down into the hole you drilled in step 2.  After it is glued in, fold the first two or three rings up at a 90 degree angle to the rest of the coil.  The vertical coils hold your note card while the bottom coils hold fudge pops, pens, pencils or whatever else you need.

DIY Valentines Project | Bible Verse Holder
Top coils folded up at 90 degrees to bottom coils.

Step 9: Make Fudge

The last, and arguably most fun step, is to make the fudge pops.  I partnered up with Kelly at Kelly Lynn’s Sweets and Treats to make sure I had a to-die-for fudge recipe for this project and that is exactly what she delivered.  I made her Three Ingredient Strawberry Fudge and her Valentines Day M&M Fudge and the only thing better than how amazing they both taste is how easy they are to make!  Did y’all know you can make fudge in less than 5 minutes?  I had no idea and I’m a little concerned now that I do know!


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