Cheap Herb Garden

Cheap Herb Garden

Cheap Herb Garden

One of the hardest things about living in a renovation is prioritizing and realizing that even though it feels like everything must be done right NOW, it actually, well, doesn’t. One project that actually was time sensitive though was planting our garden. It was either plant now or miss this growing season all together.  And, since the kitchen renovation was at a standstill as we waited for our replacement sink cabinet to arrive, the timing was truly perfect.  What wasn’t perfect is that I could justify a grand total of about $50 dollars for the entire garden: containers, soil, plants, everything.  For the containers, I raided the garage and scrounged up enough scrap wood to throw together a cheap herb garden, or “herb ladder” if you will.

cheap herb garden made completely from scrap wood

I used 2×8’s for the front, back, and sides of each box.  The boxes are 16 inches long by about 6 inches deep.  I only had enough 2x8s for the sides so I ended up using plywood and even a cedar fence picket for the bottoms.

Since I was trying to build the entire project while Caleb napped, I opted to use our brad nailer to quickly fasten the boxes together.  I followed up with some wood screws later on.  I wish I had used glue too and remembered to put the wood “smile down” but when you rush you cut corners!

I mounted the boxes to 6 foot 2x2s that I cut at a 25 degree angle on the bottom.  The angled cut lets them lean back against the fence and sit nice and steady!

Cheap Herb Garden-Herb Ladder


Today I slapped on a whitewash coat and used my Cameo Silhouette to stencil on some fun labels.  All in all it was probably 5 hours of work but lots of reward and hopefully some flavorful food to come!

Now I just need some good new recipes that use all these wonderful herbs.  Any suggestions??

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