Cable Spool Ottoman

Cable Spool OttomanDIY Cable Spool Ottoman Tutorial

The one piece of furniture that I completely splurged on in the nursery was the rocking chair.  I actually considered building one myself but eventually decided I had enough going on.  The one I purchased, found here, is super comfortable and cute but was desperately in need of an ottoman.

Since I had a budget to keep, I started wondering if I could make an ottoman from materials I already had instead of buying something new.  Eventually I realized that a cable spool, if I could find one for free, was the way to go.

There’s actually a lot of places to find a cable spool.  Construction sites, electrical supply houses, and Craigslist are a few.  I actually found mine at a supply house.  My choices were rather slim though and I ended up with one just a wee bit bigger than I had wanted.  ‘Twas free though!


  • Cable Spool – Free
  • Chicken Wire – $6.27
  • Batting – $7.18 (probably need 2)
  • 2″ foam (optional)
  • Staple Gun
  • Wire Cutters
  • Scissors
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Fabric – I used burlap that I already had for the sides and purchased a $20 rug from Marshalls for the top.
  • Trim – I used jute rope that I already had


  1. Clean your cable spool – I used a course bristled brush to scrub away all the loose dirt and grime on the spool.  It probably would have been a good idea to power wash it too.
  2. Wrap spool with chicken wire – Align one edge of the chicken wire along one of the spool flanges and staple. Staple into the side of the flange and do not wrap the chicken wire over the top or bottom of the flanges.  After you place a few staples along the top flange, stretch the chicken wire taught across the bottom flange and staple.  As you continue to slowly wrap the ottoman, be sure to pull the chicken wire as taught as possible both vertically and horizontally.
  3. Trim excess chicken wire – Using wire cutters, trim the excess chicken wire that is extending past one of the flanges (as the batting is doing in image 3).
  4. Wrap cable spool with batting – using the same process as the chicken wire, wrap the spool with the batting.  See image 3.
  5. Trim batting – Use scissors to trim off the excess batting.
  6. Cover top flange surface with batting or 2″ foam – Wrap the top flange with 3 layers of batting or cut a piece of two inch foam to serve as the top cushion of your ottoman. Pull the batting tight and staple into the side of the flanges.  Trim excess batting.
  7.  Wrap spool with fabric – Wrap the spool with your fabric using the same technique as the chicken wire and batting.  Depending upon the thickness and strength of your fabric, it may be better to wrap the fabric over the top and bottom flanges.  This will allow you to use more staples and avoid tears and pulls by distributing the tension.
  8.  Cover top flange with fabric – Using the same process as described in step 6, cover the top flange with fabric and staple into the side of the flanges.  Try to keep a very straight line of staples so that they are easily covered with the trim in the next step.
  9.  Add Trim – Cover the exposed staples from step 8 with your trim.  Use hot glue to attach the trim

And there you have it! You’re very own cable spool ottoman for under $40!

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