DIY Hook Shelf for Only $10

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When it comes to nick knacks and the finishing touches to a room’s decor, I love shopping at places like Target, World Market, Pier 1 Imports, HomeGoods, Marshalls, and Steinmart.  But even taking advantages of sales and coupons, buying everything I need (okay fine, maybe they are more “wants” than “needs”) gets expensive quick.  So whenever possible I try to DIY my own finishing touches.  One of my favorite projects for Caleb’s nursery is the DIY hook shelf (shelf with hooks?? hooks on a shelf??).  At a total cost of only $9, this project was super cheap while also simple to make, highly functional, and super cute!

Disclaimer: I already had ALL my supplies (scrap wood, paint, sand paper, nails, etc.) on hand from prior projects.  My only expenses were the hooks and hanging hardware.


1×6  @ 38” long White Wood
1×4 @ 40” long White Wood
Hanging Hardware
Chop Saw or Circular Saw
wood Glue
Finish Nail Gun and Nails optional
Hammer and Finish Nails
Fine Grit-Sand Paper-180-220
Router with roman bit


Shelf Model Front

  1. Make Your Cuts | You can really make this shelf at any length, just make sure you cut the top horizontal shelf piece two inches longer than the vertical board.  As noted above, my lengths were 40″ and 38″ respectively.  I used a chop saw to make the cuts but a circular saw would work just as well.
  2. Sand | Depending on the quality of your wood, you may be able to get by with sanding only with a fine grit sand paper (between 180 and 220) or you may need to sand first with a course paper (150 grit) and then proceed to sanding a fine grit.  A random orbital sander will knock this step out in less than 5 minutes but sanding by hand is always good too.
  3. Route | Once satisfied with the smoothness of each board, clamp them to your working surface and route the edges with the pattern of your choice.  I used a Roman router bit on the shelf pictured.
  4.  Put it Together | There are several ways to attach the shelf ledge to the hook board.  I opted to glue the boards together first and then immediately nailed them together using our finish nail gun.  I shot about ten finish nails through the shelf ledge and into the hook board.  Alternatively, you could use a Kreg-Jig to put pocket holes in the hook board and then attach it to the shelf ledge using screws.  Or as a final option, you could glue the boards together and use clamps to hold them in place until they are completely dried together.  Then, use a hammer and nails to attach them securely.
  5. Paint | Use a paint brush or roller to paint the shelf.  I used a semigloss paint to match the sheen of the trim in the room.
  6. Attach Hooks | Measure and space out the hooks to their proper locations.  I picked up the awesome hooks I used at a local market for ($2.50 a piece) and can’t find them anywhere online.  Leave me a message if anyone knows where to get more!
  7.  Attach Hanging Hardware | The last step is to attach the hardware to hang it.  I used these keyhole hangers.Shelf Side ViewThe total cost of this shelf was $9 for me…$2.50 per hook and $2.56 for the hanging hardware.  I used scrap wood and leftover paint to save on costs!

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